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Decorative Post-top Finials

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Dura·Caps are long-lasting, decorative post-top finials with a smooth and consistent surface.

They are made of solid Sign·Foam

Dura·Caps possess all of the same fantastic qualities that make Sign·Foam the best creative medium in the sign industry.

Like Sign·Foam, Dura·Caps offer the following advantages. They are:

  • Completely waterproof Consistent in density and surface
  • Lightweight yet very strong
  • Chemically resistant
  • Virtually permanent

Available styles and sizes:

Ball 4 and 6 inch sizes
Oval 4 and 6 inch sizes
Acorn 4 and 6 inch sizes
Globe 3, 5 and 8 inch sizes
Flat Caps (3/4 inch thick):
Bevel edge 4 and 6 inch sizes
Ogee edge 4 and 6 inch sizes