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Sandblasting Screen Wood Grain Simulator

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As a wood alternative, Sign·Foam offers clear advantages in performance: superior durability, versatility and workability. However, many customers still desire the organic appearance of sandblasted redwood, or it may be exactly the right treatment for a particular application. If you've been searching for the right tools and technique to add a realistic wood-grain effect, Grain·Fraim offers the perfect solution.

Grain·Fraim is a specially engineered sandblasting screen used with Sign·Foam that makes it easy to replicate a natural wood grain texture. In fact, it is so effective in simulating wood that you will probably look for opportunities to incorporate it into your project designs!

The Grain·Fraim wood grain simulator consists of a metal tubular base frame into which is set a sandblasting screen with multiple wires. It allows you to adjust the tension of the wires to control the look of the grain. You simply place the Grain·Fraim in front of a pre-masked sign sign and sandblast through its wires until you achieve the desired depth.

This ingenious tool has been helping sign makers produce high-quality, rustic-looking wood-grained signs efficiently and cost-effectively since 1993. You can use on signs of any shape or size to produce a perfect wood grain ‐ every time.