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Benefits and Tips of Machining

Key Benefits: In the process of altering a flat sheet of SIGN·FOAM into a great looking sign, the superior characteristics of SIGN·FOAM quickly become clear. Due to the lack of structural grain in SIGN·FOAM cutting time is reduced significantly, as is overall sign production time.

Tips on Machining and Shaping

Each sheet will cut with the same predictable resistance every time, regardless of the direction of the cut. Every surface is an internal surface; there is no "top or bottom". You may also notice the cutting blades on your tools will not need to be sharpened or replaced as often. Whether you work by hand with chisel and mallet or a CNC router, you will find that SIGN·FOAM machines effortlessly compared to wood or plastic.


Safety Note: Before you work with sign-making equipment, be sure you are familiar with the equipment and the manufacturer's recommended operation and safety procedures. Always wear the appropriate protective gear and take into account the cutting capacity of your equipment. Be sure everything is in proper working order and choose the tool that produces the desired result quickly, efficiently and safely.