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The Hayward School of Dimensional Sign Making is proud to announce a new sponsor

Sign·Arts Products to showcase new Sign·Foam4® With Microcell Technology
at the NSSA Sign Expo May 29-30, 2014

Ultra-smooth HDU signboard supports intricate detail, cuts production and finishing time

Available in 15- and 18-lb. densities, Sign·Foam4® with Microcell Technology is ideal for CNC-machining finely detailed designs and lettering, and nearly invisible surface textures. The advanced high-density urethane material produces silky-smooth finishes with minimal prep work, and requires fewer coats of primer and paint. Sign·Foam4® is also tough and durable, making it superb for small shapes and outdoor applications.

“When you consider how much less time you’ll spend cutting, prepping, sanding, filling, priming, painting and even cleaning up, Sign·Foam4® delivers tremendous value for the money,” said Joe Scienski, chief executive officer of Sign·Arts Products. “Plus, its finer cell structure at lower densities is comparable to others’ higher-density products.”

With its uniform, grain-free microcell structure, Sign·Foam4® offers infinite options for painting, finishing and creating special effects. Its smooth-as-silk surfaces and clean-cut edges also reduce production and finishing labor time because they require minimal sanding and usually no filling. There’s less cleanup, too, because this wood-alternative sign board creates wood-like shavings when carved or machined.

A dream to machine
Sign makers who performed the first tests of Sign·Foam in their own shops were impressed with the results.

“Sign·Foam4® machines beautifully with our CNC router. We were able to create edges and backgrounds so smooth as to barely see texture with the naked eye,” noted David McDonald, owner of Avila Sign & Design in Arroyo Grande, California. “The smooth finish also improves speed and precision when carving by hand because it’s easier to see the tracking of the cuts.”

Sign·Foam4® is produced by General Plastics, an innovative manufacturer of unique polyurethane foams renowned for strength, exceptional physical characteristics and quality. Its proprietary processes result in a remarkably consistent sign and display board that remains dimensionally stable from production to installation, and through years of use.

Sign·Foam4® delivers exceptional versatility and outstanding value as a creative medium for dimensional sign making, environmental graphics, 3-D displays and model making. Its tough-yet-microfine cell structure accommodates virtually any design, whether milled by machine, carved by hand, or sandblasted. It is easily worked with the simplest hand tools as well as sophisticated CAD/CAM routers and CNC machines.

Because Sign·Foam4® is strong, durable, completely waterproof, and does not warp, bow, crack, rot or decompose, it is well-suited to any indoor or outdoor application. Made in the United States, it is nontoxic and free of VOCs and CFCs. It is also eco-friendly, with a minimum 16 percent green content. Sign·Foam4® is available in 15- and 18-pound densities through Sign·Arts’ network of distributors, who also offer a full line of companion products.

“At Sign·Arts Products, we’re here to support the imagination, craftsmanship and success of 3-D sign makers and designers of dimensional displays,” said Scienski. “That’s why we’ve sourced the absolute best HDU foam board for the money, Sign·Foam4®.”